Find and organize your Slack team’s links and files

Fastgrep monitors your team’s Slack channels and makes it easy to find every link and file shared by you and your teammates.

How to use Fastgrep and increase your productivity

1. Add Fastgrep to Slack

Get started by adding Fastgrep to Slack. It is fast and easy.

2. Link and file monitoring begins

Fastgrep will start saving all links and files that you and your teammates share.

3. Talk to Fastgrep

Type /links or /files on a channel (or DM Fastgrep) and it will show you a list of links and files that have been shared.

Never miss a link or file again

You remember that a colleague shared an interesting link or file, but you can’t find it simply because there’s just too much going on in your channels? No worries. Fastgrep lists every link and file shared in all channels you joined.

Smart filters

Find links and files shared by everyone, a specific colleague or yourself. Today, this week, last month, last year. Fastgrep gets it done.

Fast, convenient and clutter-free

See only the 10 most recent links and files shared in a channel or get a DM from Fastgrep with a complete list of what has been shared.

Coming soon

Save links and files for later

Got interested in a link or file, but don’t have time to check it out right away? Save it for later and easily go back to it in the future. Plus, saved links and files don’t get mixed up with starred text messages on Slack.

Coming to your browser soon

Fastgrep Web helps you to be on top of every link and file that have been shared on your Slack workspace. Apply filters, sort by channels, favorite items. No more wasting time finding the stuff that matters.